Reusable Face Mask

Reusable Face mask

Be a Good Neighbor – Protect Yourself by Protecting Others

Let’s face it, wearing maks is our new normal and it’ll be for a long time. You have to wear CDC approved face masks, so I decided to start making a reusable face mask to help with the demand.

I first made masks for the nurses in my local hospital that had a shortage of PPE, then I made for the homeless in my county, and I realized my community was also struggling to find protective gear, and they were happy to buy homemade masks.

Therefore, I’m making cloth masks with CDC guidelines, and I added an extra layer with non woven fabric to work as a filter. I also insert a nose piece and use a spherical elastic band for comfort (not shown in the picture). The masks I make have a cute decoration on the top for that added touch.

I’m still providing homeless shelters with needed masks for free.

ATTENTION: These masks are for the protection of others; they are not medical-grade. It’s a courtesy for others around you and for you to do your part during this crisis.

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