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Blue Butter Bell Crock


More than a butter bowl, Fine Ceramics’ Butter Bell Crock, also known as French Butter Dish, is a work of art. Used since the 19th century, this system is simple, practical, and efficient. Refer to the video below to see how to use a butter bell.

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Butter Bell Crock

A Unique Butter Dish From the 19th Century with a Modern Taste

Having problems when spreading butter on your toast and rolls? Give our Butter Bell Crock a try. This 19th century inspired butter dish is handy and beautiful, making it a work of art.

What to expect from Blue Butter Bell Crock 

  • Comes with instruction 
  • Dishwasher and microwave safe
  • Lead-free Dinnerware
  •  Watertight
  • English Porcelain

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Watch the video to see how to use a butter crock.

A 19th-century tradition on your table

Cold butter is hard to spread and very frustrating, making holes all over the toast.

With a butter bell like this one, you don’t need to refrigerate the butter, and yet the butter stays fresh and spreadable all the time.

Although the French butter dish has been used since the 19th century to keep butter fresh and spreadable without refrigeration, no one has ever made one as artistic yet functional as this one!

Besides, it’s straightforward to use a French butter dish; it has two parts, a base to hold water and a cup to pack the butter, which also serves as a lid. Once the butter bowl is inside the container with water, it becomes airtight, subsequently avoiding bacterias’ growth, not allowing the butter to get rancid. 

Make a complete set with a sugar jar with these same cute birds.



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All pottery in this site is lead-free, dishwasher and microwave safe.

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