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Blue Gold Butter Bell Crock


Cold butter is not only hard to spread but also very frustrating making holes all over the toast. Butter bell keeps the butter fresh and spreadable without refrigeration.

More than a butter dish, Fine Ceramics’ Butter Bell is a work of art. Used since the 19th century, this system is simple, practical, and efficient.


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Butter Bell Crock Art & Function

Cold butter is not only hard to spread but also very frustrating making holes all over the toast.

With a butter bell like this one, you don’t need to refrigerate the butter, and yet the butter stays fresh and spreadable all the time.

Besides, Blue Gold Butter Bell Crock is more than a butter dish, it’s a work of art.

Although butter bells, also known as a French butter dish, have been used since the 19th century to keep butter fresh and spreadable without refrigeration, no one has ever made one as artistic yet functional like this one! 

This Butter Bell Crock Green has two parts, a base to hold water and a cup that holds the packed butter which also serves as a lid. Watch the video below to learn how to use the Butter Bell Crock Green. 

♥Comes with instruction

♥Dishwasher and microwave safe




How about making your butter to make this butter bell crock even more special? Here is how:

Butter Recipe 


  • 1-pint heavy whipping cream
  • 4+ oz of ice water
  • cheesecloth (optional)
  • Salt to taste (optional)
  • Food processor,
  • Pour a pint of heavy cream or whipping cream into the food processor for about 4 minutes. First, the cream will turn into whipped cream with soft, then stiff peaks. Keep going until the cream breaks. In this process, you are separating the butterfat from the liquid. 
  • Once the butter has solidified, Rinse the butter by pouring ice water inside the food processor to separate buttermilk from butter. 
  • Using a strainer, separate the water/buttermilk and save it for delicious buttermilk pancakes. Squish the butter with your hands or with cheesecloth to release all buttermilk out of it. 
  • Then add some salt if you like and work that through the butter.
  • This Recipe allows two sticks of butter. You can use one in your butter bell and save the leftover in the fridge until you need more butter in your new butter bell crock.
  • That is it! In a few minutes you can enjoy fresh, homemade butter with no additives, just cream and salt, best of all, no-churn required! 
  • Use it in your favorite recipes, on toasts, baked potatoes, any food that asks for butter.


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