• Blue Gold Honeypot Dipper
  • Blue Gold Honeypot Dipper

Blue Gold Honeypot with Dipper


As handsome as it is functional the honeypots are elegant yet practical easily convertible to a jam or sugar bowl.

Artfully designed to entice the hard to pleased on your list.



A Marriage of

This breathtaking Blue Gold Honeypot with Dipper is an affordable extravagance that was finely crafted yet solidly built. It is perfect for sugar, honey or jam.

Blue Gold Honeypot with Dipper gives you the choice of an exquisite metal spoon Boho Style or a wooden honey dipper decorated with ceramic and bronzer bead. For for a small charge you can have both, that is your choice, just indicate which one you’d prefer.

The Blue Gold Honeypot was wheel thrown with porcelain and embossed with our best selling pattern. The bottom is smooth for easy cleaning and won’t scratch your furniture. 

Converts into jam or sugar bowl 

Choice of dipper or spoon or both

150 ml capacity (5 oz)

Bowl is dishwasher and microwave safe

Wash dipper and spoon in running water

4.5 Dipper



Additional information

Weight .10 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 4 in

Honeypot with Dipper, Honeypot with Spoon, Honeypot with Dipper and Spoon


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