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Microwave Egg Cooker | Chicks Feast


Is it safe to microwave eggs? The simple answer is YES! Especially if the microwave egg poacher is a porcelain or stoneware container. It’s the best way to cook eggs, and it is easy, simple, fast, and cleans effortlessly.



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Microwave Egg Cooker is easy, fast, and healthy

Watch the video to see how to make poached eggs in the microwave

What to expect from Microwave Egg Cooker

♥ best way to cook eggs

♥ saves energy, time, and money

♥ cooks in 40 seconds

♥ less supervision required

♥ easy to use

♥ higher nutrition retention

♥ healthier alternative than plastic egg cooker or regular pan

♥ durable English porcelain

♥ dishwasher and microwave saf


The cooker gets very hot, use a pot-holder or a dish cloth when removing from oven




Here is Why You Should Get a Microwave Poached Egg Maker

The microwave egg cooker is the solution for a fast and healthy breakfast, and the best choice is a ceramic microwave cooker; it doesn’t leach toxins like plastic.

The quick cooking time preserves the nutritious value since the microwave does not expose the egg to dry heat and maintains its high level of vitamins and folic acid.


How to Make Poached Eggs in the Microwave

That is very easy, simple, and fast:

  1. Wet the cup with a bit of water; you can use oil or butter, it’s up to you; I prefer water.
  2. Break the egg inside the bowl, sprinkle salt if you wish, and cover.
  3. Put the egg poacher cup with a lid on in the microwave for 30 seconds. After 30 seconds, add another 10 seconds.

Your egg is ready to enjoy after just 40 seconds! I like to do 30 + 10 seconds instead of 40 seconds straight because I find it better to release the steam inside the microwave egg poacher two times, making less pressure inside the cooker.

Cooking time might need some adjustment with varying microwave watts. Do some testing if your microwave has a different power than 1200 watts. If the egg looks undercooked, try 10 seconds increments at a time. You’ll find out your preferred doneness in no time; besides, there is no such thing as eating too many eggs, right?


A Note of Warning

This microwaveable egg cooker is for one egg at a time. Cooking two eggs in the same egg poacher might cause more stream inside the cup and break the lid.

Note that ceramic is a great heat conductor, and because microwave egg cooker has a lid, it retains a lot of heat, even with the steam releaser on the cover. Therefore, use pot-holders to protect your hands when taking the microwave poached egg cooker out of the oven.


The Specs

Finally, I wheel-thrown this microwave poached egg maker using English Porcelain. The glazes are lead-free, and the poacher is dishwasher and microwave safe, of course.

For a fast and healthy egg breakfast, the microwave egg cooker is the solution. It retains the nutrients, doesn’t require supervision, saves time and money, and, most importantly, doesn’t leach toxins like plastic because it’s bone china clay.

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