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Ikebana Vase in Blue and Gold


Ikebana means “giving life to flowers,”

It’s fun to make an ikebana flower arrangement. Simplicity with elegance is the key here.

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Ikebana Flower Arrangement is Fun

Ikebana Vase in Blue and Gold

What to Expect from this Ikebana Vase

♥ Watertight

♥ No glue

♥ No epoxy

♥ 3/4″ pin frog inside

♥ Dishwasher safe for your convenience

♥ Handcrafted by the designer personally

♥ Smooth and sealed bottom, won’t scratch furniture.

♥Measures 4.5 D x 2.5 H 





The Making of a Ikebana Vase

Ikebana Vase in Blue and Gold

Ikebana means “giving life to flowers,” and its origins stretch back over 500 years. It’s a minimalist flower arrangement, and therefore, Ikebana Vase in Blue and Gold is perfect for all your ikebana arrangement needs. Also, its color is a mingle of blues and lilacs with some shades of gold.

Unlike regular ceramic ikebana vases you find elsewhere, Fine Ceramics Online has carefully anchored the 3/4″ pin frog inside the vessel with wires. Therefore, there is no glue, no epoxy adhesive, nothing to make it come off after a few uses. Because of our exclusive anchoring system, the pin won’t detach from the pot.

Furthermore, there are many online resources on how to make the perfect ikebana flower arrangement, and you can have a lot of fun with it. Despite this, you can use your instinct and arrange the way it pleases you because there is no strict rule to follow, insert the flowers in the pin frog, and see what happens. However, remember to keep it simple. Simplicity with elegance is the critical component of a beautiful ikebana arrangement.

Finally, this Ikebana Vase in Blue and Gold was first wheel-thrown as one closed-form and second altered to house the pin frog inside it; watch the video above to see how fun it is to make this vase. The material is porcelain, and it’s watertight, you can fill with water for a long-lasting flower display.



Additional information

Weight1.5 lbs
Dimensions4.5 × 2 in


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