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Reusable Face Mask | Cloth Face Mask


Let’s face it, wearing maks is our new normal and it’ll be for a long time. You have to wear face masks, so I decided to start making comfortable cloth masks to help you comply with government orders. 🙂
They are reusable, washable, and, most of all, comfortable and stylish.


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Protect Yourself and Others

Reusable face mask, cloth face mask with third layer of a non woven fabric for added protection and a nose piece for a better fit.

This Face Mask is:

♥ Made with CDC guidelines

♥ 100% cotton

♥ Have three layers of fabric 

♥ They are face masks with filters.

♥ Have round soft elastic for a better comfort 

♥ Have nose piece

♥ Have a pretty decoration to make your mask standout.

♥ Handmade

♥ Machine wash and dry


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WARNING: These masks are not medical-grade.


You Deserve a Comfortable Cloth Face Mask

This reusable face mask made with CDC guidelines has a third layer of a non woven fabric for added protection. Additionally, it has a nose piece for a better fit. In short, it’s a cloth mask with a filter, a good fit, and very stylish.

Even though face masks are being mandatory, you don’t need to wear something ugly and uncomfortable; this cloth face mask is not only pleasant to wear but also very beautiful.

Besides, it passed the block test for cloth mask; see the video above.

Summarizing, this face mask is comfortable, reusable, washable, and besides all, made with CDC guidance, on top of that, a perfect gift for men and women alike. One size fits all.

I use a percentage of the sales to buy more materials to make more cloth mask for homeless shelters.

WARNING: These masks are not medical-grade, They  are for the protection of others. It’s a courtesy for others around you and for you to do your part during this crisis.


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