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Ring Holder Dish


The best way to keep your jewelry organized and easy to reach.


Ring Holder Dish

Ring Holder Dish is a simple and beautiful way to keep everything organized and clean

What to Expect from Ring Dish

  • Fine Ceramics exclusive Strong construction

  • Great gift idea

  • English Porcelain



Keep all jewelry organized and at reach.

Do you have trouble keeping your jewelry organized and clean? I used to until I made a ring holder dish and everything got much easier to find.
Because these ceramic ring dishes and keepers are both useful and pretty, I made different kinds so you can choose one that suits you better. First, The Jewelry Ring Holder is more traditional with a spike in the middle for rings; additionally, you can hang the earrings on its walls.
The second more traditional one is the ring dish, an open container with a spike in the middle to hold the rings; besides, it has enough room to place earrings, necklaces, brooches, etc.
The third type is a jar with a lid and a point inside the container. Having a cover makes everything look more organized, and the top prevents the silver from getting tarnished. Additionally, this ceramic ring holder is Fine Ceramics’ exclusive; you won’t find it anywhere. Here is another one to look for.
As usual, I use the highest quality porcelain to make a ring holder dish to ensure both durability and beauty.
In short, having a jewelry ring holder to store your jewelry makes things organized and helps you decide what to wear faster.
It ships in two days via USPS Priority Mail.


Free shipping with a purchase of a $100 or more

(valid on Continental US only)


All pottery in this site is handmade in Bethesda, Maryland, USA.


All pottery in this site is lead-free, dishwasher and microwave safe.

(do not wash salt pepper shakers in a dishwasher).

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