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Blue Wall Vase Sconce | Wall Mounted Vase


The wall vases are as individual as you are, and it fits any home decor. They are lovely, even when they have no flowers. 

Fine Ceramics exclusive.

Not available anywhere else at any price.

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Blue Wall Vase Sconce is Stricking

A Blue Ceramic Vase to fit any Home Decor

Here are the highlights

Blue Wall Flower Vase Sconce is…


♥Anchos well with the help of a nail (included)

♥May be used as a table vase

♥Dishwasher safe for your convenience

♥Handcrafted by the designer personally

♥Exclusively featured on Fine Ceramics Online. You can’t find this anywhere else.

♥Smooth bottom, won’t scratch furniture.

♥Measures 6.5 H x 2.5 W and weighs only 8 oz


How to Place the Small Bud Vase on the Wall

What to Expect from this Blue Ceramic Vase

This charming Wall Flower Vase in Black dresses any wall with lots of styles. It’s a small bud vase with a significant impact. 

Besides being a wall-mounted vase, it is also cleverly designed to be a table vase, which makes a perfect floral centerpiece when you’re having guests, it’s discreet and elegant, and it won’t be in the way, no more play peek-a-boo with your guests.

This black ceramic vase is lovely that even with no flower, it is beautiful wall art that will go with any home decor.

To hang it on the wall is very simple. Hammer a small nail on the location you want it to be and gently slide the back of the vase on the wall until the nail finds the cavity on the back of the vessel. Watch the video for a better view.

Finally, Wall Flower Vase in Black was wheel-thrown with porcelain and altered to make its shape; it’s truly a unique flower vase since none is like the other. Additionally, the vessel is watertight; you can use live flowers. Experiment with a variety of flowers, it’s a lot of fun, and you don’t need to spend a fortune to make a floral arrangement with this vase, your garden can be the best resource for it.

Free Gift with Purchase 


Additional information

Weight1.5 lbs
Dimensions7.0 × 2.5 in


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