How you helped Fine Ceramics Online become a reality


I’m  thrilled that everyone who uses my pottery knows they are getting a unique handmade piece with a fine craftsmanship worthy of an art appreciator.

-Ana Cavalcanti
Fine Ceramics Online CEO

You are the very reason I’m here showing my work. So let me tell you a little how my journey started.

Before I created Fine Ceramics, I already had several years as an experienced potter and loved to attend arts and crafts shows. I always got inspired by the work I saw and dreamed to be part of such selective show.

Then one day I thought I could very well make my dream come true.

That was when I decided to create my own business in pottery with a refined finishing aiming a simple yet elegant style.

I was concerned that building my own business would be very difficult due to financial resources. Materials are expensive and so are equipments and to build my own studio would cost a fortune.

But then…

The studio I used to work upgraded the pottery wheels and sold the old ones for a bargain. I started working at home and that gave me more flexibility and extra time to perfect my work. However, I still had to fire the pieces at my local studio and that proved challenging because the transportation from my house to the studio kiln resulted in a number of broken pieces. So I resolved to save every penny to buy my own kiln and after a year of hard working I made enough to buy one.

With my home studio all set, I challenged myself to create the most original, well built, high-end pottery for the most refined and sensible functional art lovers in the area.

It turns out… 

The road was more difficult than I imagined.

The best places to sell my work were very expensive and I couldn’t afford to pay the high cost of applications, commissions and booth fees. In addition, there were not many bazaars or fundraising that I could attend, affordable venues were limited.

I realized that I had to amplify my network and enlarge my audience. I joined a pottery community in my area, I visited markets and crafts shows and got informed on how to be part of them, I applied to art contests and got accepted in an art gallery

The response from people who visit the markets and the gallery was incredibly positive, so I created this site to offer my work to a wider audience.


Thanks to my faithful followers I have a steady business that I hope to keep growing to better attend every demand and always keeping in mind style, refinement and functionality.



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Get a 15% Discount