Microwave Egg Poacher

I love eggs, but I don’t like one bit to clean the frying pan with bits of eggs stuck all over it. That’s why I like to use the microwave egg poacher.

The microwave egg poacher is simple, secure, and fast. Additionally, it’s healthier because it doesn’t need oils, a little bit of water does the trick.

I particularly like egg poacher cups because I can prepare a delicious breakfast or lunch in a flash. Besides, it can make both poached eggs and scrambled eggs without any mess.

Now you ask me how to poach an egg in the microwave? That is very easy. First, wet the cup. Second, break the egg inside the bowl, sprinkle salt if you wish. Close it with the cover. Finally, put the ceramic microwave egg cooker in the microwave for 30 seconds. After 30 seconds, add another 10 seconds. Your egg is ready to enjoy.

While this cooking time works well in a 1,250 watts microwave, it might need some adjustment for microwaves with different power watts. If the egg looks too uncooked, try 10 seconds increments at a time.

The egg poacher has a hole on the lid to vent out the steam from cooking.

Finally, I wheel-thrown the microwave poached egg maker using fine porcelain to give both strength and beauty to the piece. The glazes are lead-free, and the poacher is dishwasher safe.

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