Garlic Keeper - Garlic Jar

Garlic Keeper – How to Keep Garlic Fresh

A smart design to keep garlic cloves in a jar

Our garlic keeper has a smart design to keep garlic fresh and conveniently at reach.
Processed garlic wastes most of its antioxidant function and anti-inflammatory benefits in its minced form. It loses its highly valued sulfur compound, allicin, 2.5 days after minced.
Our ceramic garlic jar is very efficient, besides I use the highest quality porcelain to ensure first, durability, and second, beauty. Additionally, the glaze is lead-free.
In short, all the garlic jars in this collection are the perfect way to store garlic in an elegant, yet practical approach, always within reach for better and healthier cooking.
Ships in two days via USPS Priority Mail

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